Sharon Robinson Interview: Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers, In Sports, In Life is an outstanding program for youth, managed by Sharon Robinson. The program brings curriculum into schools across the United States, teaching them character building skills through the metaphor of baseball and the experiences of Sharon’s father, the legendary Jackie Robinson as he broke the barrier of racial segregation in baseball. The character traits included in the curriculum are Determination, Commitment, Persistence, Integrity, Justice, Courage, Teamwork, Citizenship, and Excellence.

Sharon Robinson Interview Podcast

We were recently honored to have the opportunity to interview Sharon Robinson. She spent a great deal of time sharing her personal experiences in life, those of her father, as well as those of the youth who participate in the Breaking Barriers program. As our conversation carried on, it became clear that her dedication to social change and improving the lives of youth is steadfast.

Listen to the interview here:


The Foundation for Global Sports Development Teams Up With Breaking Barriers

The goals of GSD and Breaking Barriers absolutely align – educating youth through sport to uplift them. As such, we are pleased to announce we will be supporting Breaking Barriers in the future as the program expands and explores new avenues of creating social change.