Featuring exclusive interviews with survivors of the 2017 sexual abuse scandal, the Emmy-nominated documentary looks at the shocking stories of the gymnasts who made courageous efforts to reveal a dangerous system that prioritized winning over everything. Premiered worldwide at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. Now Available on HBO/On Demand.
This Emmy-nominated documentary presents new insight into the first act of modern terror on a global stage, when Palestinian extremists killed 11 Israeli athletes, disrupting the Summer Olympics and shocking the world. With chilling detail, the film unravels why and how the attack happened, its aftermath, and its importance to us today. It also captures the subsequent 43-year fight for public remembrance by the victims’ families. Now Available on PBS.
This Oscar-nominated documentary follows patients with terminal illnesses, their families, and the palliative care professionals making them comfortable. The film weaves together three stories of visionary medical providers who practice on the cutting edge of life and death, helping to change the way we think about both. Featured at the 2018 Sundance and San Francisco Film Festivals. Now Available on Netflix.