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The Foundation for Global Sports Development Commits Over $2 Million to Sports, Health, and Wellness Programs

The foundation has contributed and pledged over $2 million to domestic and international organizations with a focus on health, wellness, and education.

The Foundation for Global Sports Development (GSD) today announced its 2021 charitable giving, which exceeds $2 million. Twenty-eight non-profit organizations have been selected to receive the grants and contributions, continuing GSD’s tradition of supporting organizations that offer health and wellness programming to underserved populations, with a focus on education and increasing access to safe sport.

David Ulich, executive board member for GSD, said, “Each and every one of these organizations is making a remarkable difference in the lives of young people and their families. The initiatives we support foster an appreciation of learning, physical activity, and health, while ensuring mental wellness is at the top of priorities.”

“We are inspired by the impactful work of these organizations,” added Dr. Steven Ungerleider, executive board member for GSD. “Their efforts are closely aligned with our own mission, as well as with many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the United Nations.  We are proud to partner with our grant recipients in striving to achieve these goals.”

GSD has committed over $2 million to the following non-profit organizations:

For more information, please visit GSD’s website at www.globalsportsdevelopment.org.

About The Foundation for Global Sports Development

The Foundation for Global Sports Development, established in 1996, was born out of a desire to promote and protect the best parts of sport. Guided by its original mission, the foundation delivers and supports initiatives that promote accessible, fair, and abuse-free sport for youth. The foundation achieves this objective through grants, awards, educational projects, and filmmaking. In 2015, the foundation launched its media company, Sidewinder Films, to inspire and educate audiences through films that shed light on the remarkable, untold stories that celebrate the sport of life. Visit www.globalsportsdevelopment.org and www.sidewinderfilms.org to learn more.