Mission & Values

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Our Mission

The Foundation for Global Sports Development strives to be a leader in the sports community by delivering and supporting initiatives that promote fair play, education, and the physical and developmental benefits of sports for youth around the world.

Our Values

Teamwork: The importance of coordinating efforts with organizations and athletes who share our dedication and commitment of promoting the positive benefits of sports
Integrity: All activities promote trust, respect, authenticity, and dignity.
Sportsmanship: The importance of exhibiting and observing qualities that are highly regarded in sports – generosity, courtesy, pride, ethics, and fair play.
Agility: The commitment to rapidly adapt and grow in order to achieve our mission.
Education: A belief in the positive impact of life-long learning and mentorship.


1. Support the development and well-being of underserved youth
2. Develop and sustain long-term collaborations and relationships with sports organizations and agencies
3. Report impactful sports benefits, issues, developments, and stories
4. Recognize exceptional individuals and organizations
5. Provide opportunities to mentor youth worldwide