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The International Fair Play Committee Wraps Up a Successful Time at the 2016 Lillehammer Youth Olympic Games

February 19, 2016

Thank you Lillehammer!

 Only two days left until the 2nd Winter Youth Olympic Games concludes in Lillehammer and the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) finishes its booth operation within the framework of the Learn & Share activities after nine busy days today. This amazing event has proved to be a success again concerning the promotion of fair play and the values of sportsmanship among the young generation of athletes.

Over 50 percent of the participants took part in the interactive fair play games which the CIFP offered to them in the Youth Olympic Villages in Lillehammer and Hamar. The young Olympians had lots of fun while they learnt that fair play is more than victory.

The Learn & Share programme was a unique experience to everyone highlighting the visits of famous Athlete Role Models (ARMs) whose task was to support the athletes. The CIFP Booth also welcomed popular and much respected ARMs, Christine Nesbitt, Olympic Champion speed skater included.

Christine went on to find success as a three-time Olympian, and a two-time Olympic medalist, winning Gold in Vancouver 2010 and Silver in Turin 2006. She has set two world records in her career. In the women’s 1000m, she was the first woman to skate under 1 minute and 13 seconds, and she still holds the world record as a member of the Canadian Women’s Team Pursuit.

Christine has a charming personality and her message to the youth sounds as follows:

“Each athlete has to do their best when competing, but they should never forget to appreciate the opportunity they have as highly respected competitors. Besides taking the competition seriously they should also enjoy the unique experience and live every moment of it.”

Thank you Lillehammer for the excellent organisation and the warm hospitality!

See you all in Buenos Aires in 2018!

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