Sochi Meteorite Medals

AI-BZ097_meteor_G_20130215030310Do you remember last year when that meteor came hurtling out of the sky and struck Russia? It exploded over the Chelyabinsk region, about 1,700 miles northeast of Sochi. The meteor had many effects, including a powerful shock wave and about 1,500 local residents with injuries. It was the largest object to fall from space since 1908. In addition to the shock wave and injuries, the meteorite left thousands of fragments all over the region. Tomorrow, ten Olympians will each receive a unique medal containing fragments from the meteor.




meteoritemedalSince the meteor event happened last year on February 15, Olympic officials thought it would be appropriate to commemorate this other worldly event by creating and presenting these unique medals to those athletes who win the gold medal on Saturday. Unlike previous reports, which stated that ten of the Olympic gold medals contained fragments of the meteorite, current word on the street is that a completely separate medal was designed for this. The medal will not be presented in the standard Olympic podium style. If you look closely at the middle of the medallion, you can spot the meteorite fragment.



The events for which the medals will be awarded include:

  • 1,500 meters speed skating (Men’s)
  • 1,000 short track (Women’s)
  • 1,5000 short track (Men’s)
  • Cross-country skiing relay (Women’s)
  • k-125 ski jump (Men’s)
  • Super-giant slalom (Women’s)
  • Skeleton (Men’s)

Stay tuned to see who the lucky winners are!

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