Welcome to the Culture, Education, Sport and Ethics Program!

The Culture, Education, Sport and Ethics Program (CESEP)™ is an international educational outreach initiative to engage teachers and students from different countries and cultures in the dialogue of healthy sport. The Foundation for Global Sports Development in conjunction with the World Anti-Doping Agency, the United Nations and various other international non-profit agencies are continuing to develop and broaden this program.

CESEP is a program designed to get teachers, counsellors and students (ages 5-18) from across the globe to exchange ideas about the culture of sport, competing clean and on a level playing field. The CESEP initiative asks that adults open this conversation in the hope of collaborating with their youth on understanding the meaning of drug-free competition.

To date, a dozen international groups (APA, International Association of School Teachers, and other school based institutions) have agreed to participate in the CESEP program. Our goal is to reach teachers, parents, students, and educational participants from over 100 countries.

We have published four books displaying this outstanding artwork from youth. Our most recent publication, “Creative Spirit: Expressions of Art and Sport,” was produced in collaboration with Art of the Olympians and includes artwork from an international group of Olympians. We invite you to browse through our virtual viewing gallery below.


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