Esther Lofgren in The New York Times

It is always a great joy to see our Champion Ambassadors in the news, and this morning spotting US Rower Esther Lofgren in The New York Times¬†brought a smile to our faces. Despite her busy training schedule, Esther finds time to share information about the sport of rowing to anyone who is interested. So it was no surprise to see she allowed Anahad O’Connor and Matthew Orr of The New York Times to shadow her for a day of training in Princeton, New Jersey. In the video Esther models for viewers some of her various weight training techniques, such as dead lifts and power cleans. She also breaks down a rowing stroke, noting when to use your legs, body, and arms.

Esther’s Workout

Some interesting tidbits we learned from the interview:

  • Esther carries her gold medal from the Women’s Eight race at the London 2012 Olympics with her everywhere. She keeps it in a beanie.
  • Sometimes Esther consumes up to 7,000 calories in a day.
  • Those 7,000 calories are usually made up of fresh vegetables, nuts, and meats — often in the form of smoothies!
  • It’s important to keep her body full of energy, because she trains 45-60 hours a week. That’s more time than most people spend at their day job!
  • Rowers’ arms are always impressively muscular, but according to Esther, arm strength is only 10% of what drives the boat. Legs are 70% and the body makes up 20%.

We encourage you to read the interview and watch the video at The New York Times. Also — check out our podcast interview with Esther Lofgren and see what else you might learn about this great role model and Champion Ambassador.

Image taken from The New York Times video.