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As of today we have just 17 days left before the Opening Ceremonies for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The opening ceremony for the Olympic Games is always an event to behold, featuring outstanding performances, music, the (required) release of the pigeons, historical elements, and of course the athlete parade. Just because you can’t attend the ceremony in person doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it with as much fanfare as those in Sochi! Start the Winter Olympic season right with these ideas for a great Olympic themed party.


You still have plenty of time to have people reserve this night on their calendar! Whether you’re planning a sleepover for your kids or an adults-only viewing party, two weeks should be plenty of time (besides, surely EVERYONE has reserved this night for the occasion, right?).

If you want to send invitations through the regular mail, here are a few cute invitation ideas.

From Paper Perfection Online

You can also select an Evite, such as this one:

From Postmark



From Hoosier Homemade

DIY Olympic Rings_thumb[3]
From Uncommon Designs
Buy those little toothpick flags and stick them in your appetizers, like so:


 You can also find printable flags of countries here, perhaps to make a flag banner.


Some sweet ideas (these also make great party favors):

Olympic Medal Cookies![5]
From That Cute Little Cake
From One Charming Party

Savory treats:

From Living Well, Spending Less 

Healthy snacks:

From Savvy Mom

For the Kids

If you need to entertain small children during the games, here are some printable coloring sheets.

You can also help them create an Olympic Ring paper chain.

From Living Well, Spending Less


Challenge your party-goers to stay attentive with this BINGO card (or design your own with these ideas!)

From Paper Perfection Online


Party On

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