Sochi 2014

So much preparation goes into creating the Olympic games. Whether it is constructing facilities, developing logistical plans, or ensuring adequate security — every detail must be finely tuned. Of course, one of the most important Olympic traditions is that of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.

Today in St. Petersburg, the Sochi Organizing Committee unveiled the medals which will be presented to athletes next February at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Created by four Russian designers from a US-based advertising agency, the medals highlight one of Russia’s defining features — the Caucasus mountains. In addition to the depiction of the mountain range, the front of the medal displays the Olympic rings. On the reverse side is the official name of the Olympic games in Russian, French, and English over the name of the medal’s sporting event in English and the Sochi 2014 emblem. The medals are 10cm in diameter and 1 cm thick, and also include polycarbonate glass as part of its design.

While the hosting country has the ability to design the medals, the International Olympic Committee has laid out some standards for all medals:

  • The shape must be circular, featuring an attachment for a ribbon or chain.
  • The diameter must be a minimum of 60 mm and the thickness must be a minimum of 3 mm.
  • The First Place medal is composed mostly of silver, covered with at least 6 grams of pure gold.
  • The Second Place medal has the same composition as the First Place, but without the gilding.
  • The Third Place medal is comprised of copper, tin, and zinc.

In total, there are 98 sets of medals to be awarded for 15 sports, which is a record number for medals. The Sochi 2014 medals are beautiful, and we cannot wait to see them presented during the awards ceremonies next February!