Catching Kayla Montgomery

When an athlete has an impairment due to illness or injury, oftentimes they will look to adaptive sport as a way to stay active and compete in athletics. Kayla Montgomery was faced with a different problem when she was diagnosed with a disease that could potentially forever change her ability to be an athlete. However, instead of turning her back on sport and competition, Kayla decided to take every chance possible to compete while she can.

Kayla’s story is told by Tom Rinaldi in the “E:60” program, which features interviews with Kayla, her parents, and her coach. As a young soccer player, Kayla was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Suddenly Kayla’s future as a soccer player was in jeopardy, as the high contact sport could be dangerous to a person with MS. However, determined as ever to use her body to the best of its current ability, Kayla started running. Watch Kayla Montgomery’s story in the video:

Now Kayla Montgomery is a Freshman at Lipscomb University, where is is majoring in Molecular Biology and runs on the university’s cross-country team. You can follow Kayla on Facebook to keep up with her accomplishments in sport and life.