Athlete Spotlight: Rebecca Feickert

Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca Feickert learned early on that athletic success can translate to opportunity off the court. A star basketball player in high school, she was named 2006 North Dakota Class B Senior Athlete of the Year and 2006 North Dakota Miss Basketball. After sending homemade highlight tapes to universities nationwide, Rebecca received over 40 scholarship offers before choosing to become a Division I basketball player for the University of Kansas.

Rebecca parlayed her determination and resilience as an athlete into her academic studies and career. First, she earned a B.S. and an M.S. degree in Accounting from Kansas in just four years with a 3.96 GPA. She obtained her CPA license and worked for six years in New York and Switzerland, first in public accounting for EY and then in private equity for Partners Group.

After attending a college reunion, Rebecca realized that despite being some of the most coachable and driven people she knew, many of her athlete friends were struggling in their lives after sport. Determined to understand why, Rebecca left her finance career to work in Bolivia with A Ganar, using soccer to empower young women to escape domestic violence and access education. Her journey led her to Harvard Business School, where she earned her MBA and co-founded a non-profit: Trey Athletes.

Trey Athletes

Trey Athletes is a premier leadership development program for high school athletes. Despite being among the most visible and diverse young people in the world, high school athletes often enter college unprepared for the rigorous demands of being collegiate student-athletes.

By leveraging education, mentorship, and technology, Trey teaches high school athletes how to make informed decisions, succeed as collegiate student-athletes, and successfully transfer their skills and identities into post-sport life.

Further, Trey empowers athletes to be lifelong leaders, unlocking their potential to serve as societal changemakers, representative role models, and influential voices for their communities.

Trey launched in Dallas in September 2018 with 40 of the top high school girls and boys basketball players in Texas: all of Trey’s athletes are ranked top 100 in the state, and a handful are top 50 in the nation.  They are currently accepting nominations for Trey’s 2019 incoming class.

Trey is fully operational, including a specialized leadership team, proprietary curriculum, ongoing athlete workshops and mentor events, and an upcoming release of a technology tool called the Trey Report.  As a testament to their progress, Trey was recently accepted into the United Way’s Social Innovation Accelerator.

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Athlete in Excellence

For her outstanding leadership and vision as displayed through her work with Trey Athletes, Rebecca Feickert was named one of the Foundation for Global Sports Development’s 2018 Athletes in Excellence. It will be exciting to watch as she inspires that same standard of excellence in up-and-coming student-athletes in the years to come.

Athletic Achievements

  • 2006 North Dakota Class B Senior Athlete of the Year
  • 2006 North Dakota Miss Basketball
  • 2006 Minot Daily News Player of the Year
  • 2005 & 2006 High School First Team All-State Honors
  • 2009 Big 12 Conference All-Academic First Team
  • 3x Kansas Women’s Basketball Academic Pride Award
  • 3x Athletic Director’s Honor Roll