Press Release 6/30/2014

The Foundation for Global Sports Development to Give Over $400 Thousand in Grants to Support Youth and Educational Initiatives

The Foundation for Global Sports Development (GSD) has pledged more than $400,000 in grants to nonprofit organizations that focus on improving the lives of underserved youth through sports-based and educational initiatives. Additionally, as part of an increased effort to support programs and actions which address the absolute well-being of youth, the foundation has broadened the spectrum of their grant making to include health-based curricula.

For nearly two decades, GSD has provided funding and guidance to organizations and athletes making a difference in communities around the world. In addition to their own youth-based programming, GSD frequently provides grants to nonprofits as part of their ongoing mission to deliver and support initiatives that promote fair play, education, and the physical and developmental benefits of sports for youth around the world.

“Having the opportunity to witness the incredible outcomes of the programs we support is what motivates us to continuously grow and expand our grant making programs,” said GSD executive board member, Dr. Steven Ungerleider. “Successfully enacting our mission is dependent upon the organizations who consistently provide underserved youth with enriched learning opportunities.”

“At GSD, we place tremendous value on the concept of teamwork” added David Ulich, executive board member of GSD. “We appreciate the importance of coordinating efforts with organizations and athletes who share in our dedication and commitment of promoting positive and sustainable outcomes.”

Kids Play International (KPI) one of the organizations GSD is proud to support. Founded by three-time Olympian Tracy Evans, KPI uses “sport as a catalyst to promote gender equality in communities impacted by genocide.” GSD was thrilled to pledge financial support to KPI as they continue to grow their program offerings in Rwanda. While increasing their international grant making activities, GSD also continues to support thriving programs in the United States. A repeat grant recipient, Casa de Amigos, is an after-school program at the St. Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. This vital organization strives to keep local youth safe by providing after school activities including sports, academic tutoring, music, and art programs.

GSD is committed to progressively supporting the development and well-being of underserved youth. For more information and a full list of grant recipients, please visit GSD’s website at