Curt Tomasevicz: Champion Ambassador

Join us in welcoming Curt Tomasevicz as our newest Champion Ambassador! We are honored to have Curt join our team. He has a rich history in sport and community involvement, so this should be a perfect fit!


Team Night Train at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics
Team Night Train at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

As the Brakeman for the United States Bobsledding team (known as “Team Night Train”, Curt has competed in three Olympiads and won two medals. His 4-man team won the gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and most recently at Sochi they won the bronze medal. Beyond these Olympic achievements, Curt and the rest of team Night Train have won several gold and silver medals at the World Cup and in 2012 were the World Champions in bobsledding.

Curt grew up in the small town of Shelby, Nebraska with his parents and younger brother. Long before his success in bobsledding — he first began bobsledding in 2004! — Curt enjoyed playing a variety of sports, including baseball and football. In college he found both academic and athletic success, earning Bachelor and Master’s of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering with minor in Astronomy from University of Nebraska. He played running back and linebacker for the Cornhuskers and was recognized Academic All-Big XII in 2003.

Curt is very active in the greater community. He is an Athlete Mentor with Classroom Champions, an advocate for the Nebraska Corn Board, and of course now he is one of our Champion Ambassadors!


So we know about Curt’s success on and off the field, but what about the details

GSD: If you could choose three historical figures to go bobsledding with, who would they be?


  • Isaac Newton – He needs to see what gravity can really do!
  • Chuck Norris – no explanation needed.
  • Rudolf – “guide my sleigh tonight” (horrible joke)


GSD: What is your favorite pre-tournament or pre-event dinner?

Curt: Good Italian spaghetti


GSD: Why did you decide to become a Champion Ambassador with The Foundation for Global Sports Development?

Curt: It is a great way to spread the popularity of our sport and influence other people in positive way.


GSD: What was the first sport you ever played and do you still play it?

Curt: Little League baseball. Baseball is still my favorite sport.


GSD: What country would you MOST like to travel to?

Curt: New Zealand


GSD: What is the best example of teamwork you have ever witnessed?

Curt: In January 2010, the entire National bobsled team played a role in qualifying the USA III sled for the Olympics. We mixed push crews and shared runners and equipment to help the third sled earn the last qualifying spot.

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GSD: What is one piece of advice you would give to young athletes?

Curt: Ask questions and always understand why. That means asking about training and practice, technique, and asking for feedback. Understanding your sport leads to a better appreciation in addition to making a better athlete.


GSD: What do you love most about bobsledding?

Curt: The power, strength, and excitement. The sport is never dull. There is always the risk of a crash and you can never relax. My first bobsled trip was just as thrilling as my last.


GSD to Curt: Fill in the blank: “The three best things in life are family and friends, good pizza, and Pearl Jam.” 


GSD: If you weren’t an athlete, what would you be doing and why?

Curt:Teaching and umpiring baseball.