Our New CESEP Art Book Is Here

Capturing the Culture of Sport Through Art

Since 2008 we have been publishing children’s art in the form of our CESEP art books. We coincide these publications with the year’s Olympics. With each Olympiad, the book has grown more popular. For the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, we partnered with Art of the Olympians to produce a book that captures the culture of sport from the perspective of both children AND past Olympians. This book is titled, “Creative Spirit: Expressions of Art and Sport.”

Here are a list of the Olympians (and their sport) whose artwork is featured in this book:


  • Al Oerter, Discus
  • Bob Beamon, Long Jump
  • Rink Babka, Discus
  • Emanuela Pierantozi, Judo
  • Jean-Blaise Evequoz, Fencing
  • Tony Moore, Athletics
  • Cameron Myler, Luge
  • Lucia Medzihradska, Alpine Skiing
  • Bill Kund, Cycling
  • Shane Gould, Swimming
  • Larry Young, Race Walking
  • Kader Klouchi, Long Jump
  • Martin Hagen, Biathlon
  • Wojciech Zablocki, Fencing
  • Skip Cutting, Cycling
  • Amy Acuff, Track & Field
  • Peter Schifrin, Fencing
  • John Stillings, Rowing
  • Nancy Lewington, Track
  • Simon Goody, Sailing
  • Allison Wagner, Swimming
  • Vincent Matthews, Track
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Browse through some of the pages of our new book and order your copy today from Amazon.