Athlete Spotlight: Bailey Bram

As a member of Hockey Canada’s women’s team, Bailey Bram is in the midst of a rigorous Ice Hockey season with competitions every couple of days. Despite this busy schedule Bram still takes time out of her day to create mentorship videos for a group of students as part of her involvement with Classroom Champions. Bailey Bram is one of our 2017 Athletes in Excellence Award winners, and she was nominated by Classroom Champions.


Growing up in the small town of Saint Anne in Manitoba, Canada, Bailey Bram began playing ice hockey when she was just four years old. As with many Canadian families, ice hockey was well loved and played by the Brams, with Bailey’s five brothers and her sister also playing.


Bailey Bram has volunteered with Classroom Champions for the past two years. As a mentor with Classroom Champions, Bailey creates for classrooms video lessons on topics such as diversity, community, healthy living, goal setting, and so many more. These videos are more than just lessons – they are building blocks of a mentoring relationship Bram and other athletes develop with their students. The athlete mentors end each video with a challenge for the students to try and implement whatever lesson they just learned. In addition to the lesson videos, Bram also has two live video chats with her classrooms. You can watch her video on diversity below:

Bailey Bram: Diversity from Classroom Champions on Vimeo.

While Bram was nominated for her work with Classroom Champions, she volunteers with several organizations. When she was playing with the Calgary Inferno ice hockey team, Bram and several of her teammates volunteered with the “Start the Spark” event through the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre. This event was collaborative effort to destigmatize mental illness in youth and to promote conversations among youth about their mindset.

Bram is a terrific example of someone who uses sport as a way to reach young people. She is a mentor to young female hockey players through the Girls Hockey Calgary Association, and as part of this she guides a team with advice and leadership. At the Martha Billes Girls In Sport event at the Jumpstart Games, Bram was a recognized athlete mentor. Bram can also be found sharing her time with the Ronald McDonald House and Boys & Girls Clubs of Winnipeg.


Bailey Bram has been a member of several outstanding ice hockey teams and has made an appearance at six different World Championships, including an Under-18 championship. In 2017 she and the rest of the Canadian won the Silver medal at the World Championships. They also won the silver medal in 2016, 2015, and 2013. In 2012 the team won the Gold medal.

She was also a standout athlete in college and high school, making it to the 2013 Frozen Four NCAA tournament. She was on three College Hockey America conference tournament champion teams and four regular season champion teams.