Munich 72 & Beyond

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Several decades have passed since the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, where the Israeli Olympic team was targeted by terrorists who killed 11 Israeli athletes and coaches. Since that time family members of victims and advocacy groups have tirelessly worked to achieve respectful remembrance of their loved ones.

In 2014 the German States Ministry for Education, Science and Culture initiated the Munich Memorial Project to forever honor the lives of the 11 slain Israelis. One of the project goals is to provide a  visual understanding of the events that transpired on September 5th and 6th in 1972. The memorial will also feature a significant focus on each victim’s life and will include their biographies. The Foundation for Global Sports Development joined with the International Olympic Committee to support this project, each contributing $250,000.


As plans for the memorial continued, we quickly recognized the opportunity to document this process and capture the healing which will occur along the way. We have teamed up with Director Stephen Crisman and Producer Michael Cascio to create “Munich 72 & Beyond,” a documentary which will focus on the Munich Memorial and the lives it will touch as it is being built.

Visit our documentary website to learn more.