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Munich Memorial Design

September 23, 2014

As meetings in Munich regarding the Munich Memorial project have come to a close, we are pleased to share details regarding the architecture of the memorial.



The local Munich architecture firm, Brückner & Brückner, was chosen by the selection jury for this project, which is scheduled to open in Autumn of 2016. The planned memorial will be built on a hill in near the Tennis Courts of the Olympic Park in Munich. Their design concept focuses on the loss of life, which will be recognized symbolically as the whole memorial will be a series of cuts into the hill.

After the cuts are made into the hill, eleven columns will support the roof of the memorial. Each column will be dedicated to one of the 11 members of the Israeli Olympic Team killed by the terrorist group, Black September, on September 5, 1972. The columns will share details from the Olympians’ lives as well as their photos.

In the center of the memorial, visitors will find a circular display retelling the events from that day. Between each of the columns will be further discussion on particular topics surrounding the event, such as the political significance of the 1972 Games, German-Israeli relations, global terrorism, and the aftermath of the attack. These displays will be light projections.

The Foundation for Global Sports Development is proud to be financially supporting this project. We are joining the International Olympic Committee, The City of Munich, the German National Olympic Committee, and the Bavarian State government to fully fund this important and educational memorial.



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