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Education Initiative

Education is at the core of all we do. We believe education is the key to a person’s potential – whether that be in the classroom or on the field. In addition to encouraging youth to graduate from high school, we believe education about health, sport, and career guidance are also important. Some of the ways we do this are by highlighting incredible stories in sport, holding symposia which explore the health and legal issues surrounding doping, or award scholarships to high school youth.

Current & Recent Projects:

  • Athletes in Excellence Award – This annual award shines a spotlight on the service and mentorship works by elite-level athletes. These are athletes who use their achievements in sport as a catalyst to inspire positive change. Each year we accept nominations from individuals and organizations who also want to recognize these individuals’ efforts to improve our global community.
  • We give the ten award recipients an unrestricted cash grant of $10,000, which allows them to continue pursuing their passion for community service and mentorship. An exciting part of this program is when we are able to share the award recipient’s – often remarkable – story with our community. These stories inspire the world.
  • Exceptional Youth Scholarship
  • Humanitarian Award
  • “Munich ’72 and Beyond”
  • Culture, Education, Sport, and Ethics Program
  • Doping Symposia – 2017 Rio, 2013 Doping and the Culture of Sport, 2012 London, 2010 Vancouver
  • World Curling Federation’s Olympic Celebration Tour
  • Classroom Champions

Past Projects:

  • IPC 2015 Sledge Hockey World Championships – Grant to increase broadcast coverage
  • Support of the International Fair Play Committee
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Education Video
  • Podcasts with Athletes and members of the Sport community
  • USOC’s Life After Sport
  • Doping in Sport Survey


Positive Youth Development Initiative

It has long been established that youth can benefit greatly from participating in organized sports. Increased confidence, teamwork skills, and having a healthy lifestyle are just a few of the positive results youth gain from sport.

At the core of our mission we seek to connect all youth with sport, so they may receive these benefits and have improved health and academic success. We support non-profit organizations who share in this mission, and we offer several programs of our own.

Current & Recent Projects:

Grant Giving

For over 16 years we have had a robust grant-giving program with a focus on youth sports and education.

Some of these organizations include:

  • Kids Play International
  • Girls in the Game
  • This Chicago-based organization incorporates sport as a way to empower young women with leadership skills, self-confidence, physical and emotional health, and more.
  • Hearts & Horses – Located in Loveland, Colorado, Hearts & Horses utilizes equine therapy
  • Angel City Sports – Serving Los Angeles and Southern California, Angel City Sports creates sports opportunities for anyone with a physical disability. The organization offers clinics, support and resources, and an annual Angel City Games, where athletes compete in a variety of Paralympic sports.

For a complete list of grant recipients, please visit our Grant Giving page.

Playmakers Program

Our Playmakers Program offers teens an immersive Olympic and Paralympic experience. Over the course of four days, the youth will live on campus at the United States Olympic Committee’s Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Here they learn about everything that goes into being an elite-level athlete, from nutrition and strength training to goal-setting and teamwork. Participants get to know former and training Olympians and Paralympians and work in small groups to discuss the activities and topics they are learning. Olympic Day – For the past two years we have had the pleasure of sponsoring events in Los Angeles which participate in this annual worldwide celebration of the Olympic and Paralympic spirit. Over 500 youth come together in a day of playing and learning new sports.

Olympic Day

A healthy population leads to a successful society. The Foundation for Global Sports Development supports many programs and organizations which encourage young people and adults to participate in physical activity. In addition to this support, GSD seeks quality organizations which have a more direct focus and impact on healthcare.

Whether an organization is promoting quality end-of-life care or working to reduce childhood obesity, GSD believes these programs play a vital role in creating a healthy population.

Public Health Initiative

Current & Recent Projects:

  • Ready, Set, Gold! – In 2017 The Foundation for Global Sports Development increased its support of Ready, Set, Gold! To $75,000 for the 2017-2018 school year. RSG collaborates with Olympians and Paralympians in the Los Angeles area to teach kids in Los Angeles skills to lead healthy lives. The youth receive education about exercise and nutrition.
  • “Extremis” – Sidewinder Films, GSD’s media division, provided key funding to the production of the film “Extremis,” a short documentary which was nominated for the 2017 Academy Awards in the short documentary category.
  • Symposium on Doping
  • Funding Oregon Health and Science University

Past Projects:

Funding CPMC Funding Rooms that Rock 4 Chemo Funding Healthcare Foundation of Northern Sonoma County