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GSD President Joins Council of the International Fair Play Committee

July 19, 2017

We are delighted to announce that David Ulich, who serves as President on the Executive Board for GSD, has been nominated and accepted as a member on the Council of the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP).

“The International Fair Play Committee plays a crucial role in educating the world about fair play. It’s an honor to join a group with a mission as impactful as the CIFP’s.” said Mr. Ulich.

The mission of CIFP is clear: defend and promote fair play. Since its creation in 1963, CIFP has cooperated with Olympic committees, sports federations, media, national governing bodies, and countless other groups to educate youth and athletes about fair play.

One way CIFP accomplishes this is by shining a spotlight on acts of fair play – in sport or out of sport. During the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games, we partnered with CIFP to share stories such as this. You can find the event dispatches and stories of the Fair Play Awardees here.  

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