Podcast with Trinea Gonczar – Sister Survivor

Trinea Gonczar is a fighter. She has experienced significant pain and heartbreak in the past year as she realized she, too, was one of the hundreds of women abused by Larry Nassar. In January of 2018, Trinea was part of an historical display of courage when she and over 100 other women provided victim impact statements during Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing, when the USA Gymnastics team doctor was convicted of sexual abuse. While coming forward as a victim of abuse is never an easy, straightforward task, their experience was made all the more difficult, as they were also taking on large institutions that systemically failed to protect athletes.

This group of women – now known as the Sister Survivors — have endured incredible challenges along the way. However, they have remained united and strong in the face of significant adversity. They are working hard to change policies, laws, and culture. In the past few months, Trinea has shifted her career to focus on sexual assault prevention and advocacy.

In our interview with Trinea, she talks a bit about the trial, her advocacy work, and how parents and adults can take an active role in ending abuse in sport.